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About Us

Rapid IT Group is 100% locally owned & operated. Our professional and efficient systems allow us to save you money on your IT&T expenses. We believe your IT service provider needs to be more like a business partner and less like a money grabbing service provider who is only interested in how much money they can get out of you. Rapid understand only with strong relationship with customers can a business grow. By providing win-win solutions and delivering on our service promises, our team and your team can focus on strong viable growth.

Luke Attard, our Managing Director, has been providing Technology solutions to the Companies for over 25 years. He has overseen international expansions of multi-national companies and understands the need for solutions that provide a win-win outcome. Luke has led 3 company startups, all growing into successful companies in their relevant industries, one of the main reasons is Luke's ability to use his technical knowledge to provide market leading systems at a low cost, allowing the startups to compete with established companies in the relevant industry, and in some cases introducing new technology for the industry giving the startup, and edge over the existing market.

Unlike other Managed Service Providers, we offer a large variety of solutions, from not only the traditional and often expensive channels, but also from the ever-growing Open Source market. Even Microsoft has Embraced open source (see below for several articles from IT focused Media). Over the years Open Source software has been adopted by most main stream manufactures. Products like Samsung Phone, Android, Netflix, Spotify, and there is a good chance even your car has some Open Source Software controlling some features. Mercedes-Benz Group states on their office github (A social media site for developers to share code):

“Open Source emerged to play an important role in our products and now it's time to give back to the FOSS community. We contribute to projects, open source our own software products here on and we are sponsoring several open source projects. You can follow our open source journey on our landing page and have a look behind the scenes. Overall we are giving our best to be a good citizen in the open source community.”

Mercedes-Benz Group currently has 135 open source projects open. The benefit of most open source projects are clear. The source code is available for security auditing, and because the code is open for all to see, there is no malware, or collection of private data to be sold. Another advantage, instead of having a select team of people working on the program, Open Source projects leverage thousands of developers, and we all know that many heads are better than one. In today economic climate there is always a risk companies could go under, with conventional companies, the liquidators refuse to release any Intellectual property, and refuse to keep the program updated, even with the most basic security requirements, of worst they shutdown any servers, and your business critical program stops working all together. With open source, if the worst does happen you will have the source code, and often if the project was successful, another Company takes over maintaining the software, and business continues as normal. A big advantage of Open Source is in most cases there are no license fees, or upfront fees. Contradictory to common belief, open source does not always mean "free", open source means the source code is open to public. So how do open source companies make money? Most successful open source projects have a strong viable business model, where support contracts can be purchased to give piece of mind for critical software, they also generate income by partnering with large corporate companies on projects. At present over 90% of internet web sites and services are provided by open source servers, Microsoft Web Server (IIS) is used for only 5.7% (approximately) of web services.

Our Team is kept up to date with new Opensource software, as well as the conventional software providers, in our test lab we are continually testing solutions to ensure we recommended only the best fit for purpose solution to our customers. We do not enter into any commission deals with providers, or any agreement that may influence our sales team negatively. Our advice is based on our experiences and technical knowledge of the products we suggest. In the end of the day, we must support what we suggest, we stand by our advice.

At Rapid we understand that business go through many stages, and the latest and greatest is not always needed. Many companies have a work horse server that has just been running non-stop for many many years, that the IT staff are too scared to turn off, in fear it will not turn back on. While we do not recommend that solution, many servers that are last generation or even 2 generations old, have enough processing power to support an office up to 100 staff, or to host the company’s internal CRM Software. With the recent trend of moving the cloud, many companies have been caught out with raising costs and having to upgrade their internet service to handle the increase data traffic caused by everything being stored in the cloud. Rapid recommends and provides Hybrid solutions, ensuring you always have your data stored locally, and access by office staff is not dependant on an Internet connection. Hybrid solutions offer a higher level of security, and data protection against loss and ransomware, ensuring companies can continue to trade no matter what happens.


The Team
Rapid IT Group

August 18 2022

"VPS Service"

Rapid Group is excited to announce the release of our VPS service. If you need a server without the hassels of maintence, then contact us, and see how we can help.

July 1 2022

"Web Hosting"

Rapid Group is excited to announce the release of our Web Hosting service. If you need a website for your business, but do not know where to start, give Rapid Data a call, and we can help you through the whole process, at a affordable price. without the hassels of maintence, then contact us.

Jan 1 2022

"MSP Service - IT Support"

Start of the new year, a perect time to finally get around to change your IT support provider, to Rapid Data, our MSP service can manager all aspects of your IT, contact us now, and you will be amazed at what we can do, for a fraction of your current provider.

How can we do that? The answer is simple, we use open source industry standard and secuirty complinet software, therefore we are not paying thousands of dollars for license fees, and we do not try and sell you license fees where you do not need them. Netflix, Facebook, Telstra, Optus, All 5 major Australian Banks, all use open source.

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